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Songs of Walden

by Bill Perry

A Composer and Guitarist, "Songs of Walden" represents Concord New Hampshire native Bill Perry's musical interpretation of Henry David Thoreau's epic book, "Walden". An acoustic and electric guitarist, Bill toured and taught for many years, before quitting the music scene altogether and returning in 2004 for his first CD titled, "A Christmas Carol on the Eroica label.

Playing nylon string, steel string and 12 string guitars "Songs of Walden" takes you on a musical journey, beginning with the first haunting strains of "Economy", to the soaring melodies of "Spring" the finale, and should bring anyone who listens, a little closer to the shores of Walden Pond.

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A Christmas Carol

by Bill Perry

A Christmas Carol is the debut release of New Hampshire native Bill Perry. After playing electric and acoustic guitar for many years and studying classical guitar, Bill toured and taught music until eventually giving up music for almost 20 years. Picking up the guitar again in 2002 and after writing and arranging several songs, A Christmas Carol was born. 

Arranged, composed and produced by Bill and consisting of 6 new arrangements of traditional songs and 5 original compositions, A Christmas Carol represents Bill's quest to bring the true spirit of Christmas to the guitar repertoire.